Places to Run or Walk in Hattiesburg

Longleaf Trace - access points at the Gateway USM or Jackson Road. 41 mile paved bike/running/walking trail. 25 mile unpaved side trail Epley - Carson.
Eastside Park - 109 Rebecca Ave, .50 mile lighted
USM fitness trail near the Payne Center, inside and outside loops for total of .33 mile lighted
C. E. Roy - 300 E. 5th St, 1/8 mile lighted
Thames Track - on Jamestown, .25 mile plus side trail which is about .20 mile, lighted until 10:00 PM or later
Nature trail behind the Family Y on Highway 11, about .50 mile, connects to Tatum park. Also 8 mile road loop from Y
Tatum Park - Highway 11 various distances consisting of asphalt trails between soccer fields and park roads, trails to Bonhomie road
Hawkins track on San Antonio St., .20 lighted
Wesley Medical Center on Highway 98 two paved trails which are .33 and .25 mile lighted
Pine Grove Trail located near 28th and Richburg Road about .25 miles unpaved
Dahmer Park - 600 Country Club, .5 mile lighted
Fairchild Fitness Trail - Beverly Hills Drive, .5 mile lighted
Kamper Park David H. Anthony Walking Trail off 17th Avenue near Hardy, St .64 mile lighted
Dixie Community Center. Elks Lake Road near Dixie Elementary School
Rawls Springs Community Center
Turtle Creek Mall

See Map of Places to Run or Walk in Hattiesburg.

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