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Tony in Washington D.C. on a lobbying trip

Pine Belt Pacer Tony Mozingo presented Longleaf Trace Trail Manager Herlon
Pierce with a $700 check on Tuesday March 8, 2005. The check was the result of
money raised from the Steam Whistle 12K, held New Year's Day on the Trace, which
Tony directed.  Thank you to all who participated in the event, which
will be an annual event every year on January 1.

Clips of Tony as he was appointed the new Lamar County Attorney
Monday, February 7, 2005. Congratulations Tony!


CSM David E. Broadhead Memorial 20K/20K Relay
Camp Shelby, Mississippi
November 10, 2001

             Camp Shelby, MS-   Clear skies and excellent weather greeted organizers and runners this morning south of Hattiesburg at Camp Shelby military base, once the largest in the United States.  The annual 20K/20K relay was well attended, with more than one hundred runners of all ages in attendance. 

            The race’s course, which traverses more than twelve miles of roads and footpaths around the base, was hilly and rough at certain points, making the challenge all the more interesting. 

Several veterans of the race, as well as many first-timers, began shortly after 8 a.m. following a stirring rendition of the Star Spangled Banner. Standing at the starting line, several of us thought about that halfway around the world, there are men and women who are fighting for the privilege that we were enjoying.  

Because of increased security measures on the base, runners encountered minimal traffic interference during the run, which was supported at every turn by members of the current class of the Youth Challenge, an alternative program designed for troubled youths.  (Judging by the looks on some of their faces, I expect that they thought that we were the ones who were troubled.  On a personal note, I appreciate them being on the course since the drag I took off one of their cigarettes at Mile 8 gave me the second wind that I needed to hold off the many challengers gunning for me).

            The only complaint registered after the race was with regard to the live ammunition planted along the course by Elmer Beardshall.  Regular readers of this column will not be surprised that Elmer would try such a trick to distract me and other runners from our goal.  His ploy was a wasted effort though as Iron Mike Barnes, John Pendergrass, and the rest of us dodged the grenades in the gravel roadway on the backside of the course. 

            Special mention of certain people who organized the event should be made.  The Pine Belt Pacers would like to thank Kim, Ron, Alan, Jeannie, Dawn, Pam, and the rest of the gang at IWSM who gave up yet another Saturday morning to sponsor and administer the event.  We would also like to thank those folks who like the Keywoods from Hazlehurst, drove in to take part.  Phillip Wedgeworth incredibly finished his 39th race of the year, and was accompanied by another champion of local races, Antha Estridge.  Noticeably absent from this year’s race were Keith Barrett, who stayed out too late the night before, Jeff Hathorne, and Rays Simms and Martin of Laurel.

            This year’s commemorative t-shirts feature a large American flag emblazoned across the back.  It was a nice touch that accented the times we are living and running in. 

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or responsibility of any member or official of the Pine Belt Pacers

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