Tony Mozingo does Ironman Hawaii

B & S Appliances graciously hosted a send off and good luck celebration for Tony
Mozingo on September 24. The gala had a Hawaiian theme, and featured a potluck
supper. Tony actually showed up, more or less on time, and did not have to leave early.

B & S is surely an elegant place to host an eating event

Keith Barrett recited  The Top Ten Reasons the Pine Belt Pacers are Glad Tony is doing Ironman:
10. The PBP want some souvenirs like sea shells, pineapples, & macadamia nuts
 9. To get Tony out of town for a week
 8. Need new material for the web site
 7. He needs a venue to show off his new zoot suit
 6. Need a picture of Tony in his zoot suit
(Tony promised to send a picture if it snows during Isidore)
 5. He needs to get away from the red necks in Perry county
 4. To share his wit with the rest of the world
 3. To find a new woman that hasn't heard about him
 2. So he can come back without a tan line
 1. So Tony can come back and lei all the girls

Not sure Tony liked # 3.?

But # 1. did not seem to faze him

The potluck food was great

Some of Tony's admirers cornered him and made him promise to behave in Hawaii