Tony's Last Rant

With the overwhelming mandate to change the club leadership behind us, the officers and membership of the Pine Belt Pacers have come together to set aside their differences and move the club toward new horizons.  Never mind that new president, Jim Coll, didn't even bother to show up for inaugural ceremonies; Vice President Robin Ryder assumed Coll's duties after being roused from his nap after breakfast at Lake Serene Grocery and conducted the meeting anyway.  As for me personally, I left the meeting early after it became apparent that I was not going to be given a watch or plaque for my two hard years of service to the Pacers organization.
    The new year has begun and with it new resolutions for running and walking.  Several of us are planning to spend a weekend in Birmingham in early February to "see one and run one", i.e. watch the men's Olympic marathon trials on Saturday and run the Mercedes Marathon on Sunday.  ( ).  It should be an exciting weekend.  If you're interested in going, send me an email and I'll let you know when we're leaving and where we're staying etc.  Other upcoming races members are sure to attend include the Azalea Trail Run in Mobile, the Crescent City Classic in New Orleans, and numerous 5K (3.1 miles) Runs in the Pine Belt area.  (For a full calendar of races and other useful information, go to
    A bunch of us had a good time in Mobile the weekend between Christmas and New Year's Day.  The half and full marathon courses are the same for the first eight miles, so I was able to run with Party/Race Director Barrett and President Coll.  Many Pacers were present who either ran the half or full marathon or cheered for their teammates.
    Several people have asked me lately about nutrition and hydration and other running and walking-related issues.  I have decided to go ahead and divulge my secrets and will be including them in the next few issues of the newsletter.  I tried to sell my story to The Independent and the National Enquirer, but neither responded to my query.   I'm trying to include some information from Bob Clark about what he actually carries in that CamelBak on long runs and will discuss the diets of great local runners and bicyclers like Robin and Tate Ryder who frequently dine at Shipley DoNuts, John Pendergrass' daily visits to Ward's, and Mailman Steve Phillips'  Strick's lunch buffet bash.
    We have some great trips planned, so train hard and enjoy your health.  It' s a great blessing to enjoy the great outdoors. Tony Mozingo, 1/21/04.