††††††††† So, how are the members enjoying the heat and humidity?

††††††††† Hello and welcome to another update of the best, most diverse membership of any fitness club in the country.As regular readers know, the Pine Belt Pacers know how to have a good clean time.

††††††††† The month of June has as usual offered runners and walkers new opportunities to reaffirm their commitments to fitness and good health.Club membership is growing and the treasury is healthy.More and more new ideas are being suggested as the months go by, and more group activities are being planned.One that comes to mind is the suggestion of Raul Nestor Anzola, a graduate student at U.S.M. who is very active in the club.Raul is leading the push to attract and include more interest in walking, whether in conjunction with local races or group workouts in the area.Many people arenít able to run regularly because of knee, back, or other problems, and walking is a great alternative.Truth be known, its effects overall on the human body are more healthy from a long-term perspective.We look forward to having more members becoming involved because of the inclusion of this alternative.

††††††††† Summer is the season for triathlons, and many members have decided to try their skills in these events, which feature various distances of swimming, bicycling, and running.Personally, I have found that training for triathlons breaks the monotony of running mile after mile each week.For most, triathlons are intimidating because of the swimming.But since the swim portion of the event is always the shortest, it isnít difficult to become a pretty decent triathlete even with no background in organized swimming.The Y.M.C.A. and the Institute for Wellness and Sports Medicine both have standard pools with lane ropes where one can work on technique.Itís worth a try, so why not?

††††††††† Last week, some of the officers and active members had a club meeting to get the ball rolling on plans for the Hubfest 5K to be held in October.Committees were appointed to work on several things, such as a post-race party, increased student participation, and sponsorship.We are currently working on an idea to combine our race with the one held the Friday night before last yearís race, the Susan G. Kohman Breast Cancer Research Foundation, which was sponsored by ReMax.If we can agree, we will surely surpass our best estimates of participation at this yearís event.But along with increased participation, we are even more concerned with making the event a quality one.That is where the members come in; we need your help.If you would like to help with the planning, please let one of the officers know.

††††††††† Finally, I must confess that I have let things among the members get out of handÖAlliances are being formed, people are talking about one another behind their back, and runners in the old days who would never had have the nerve are inviting people on trial runs and bicycle rides, only to shame them.I personally have found that ignoring these ultra-athletes is the best way to go.In other words, run, bike, or swim at your own pace.Not all of us can be like Lance Armstrong.


El Presidente