Ellisville Rotaty Festival 5K


The annual Ellisville Rotary Festival 5K run was held on Saturday, November 17 at the Howard Tech Park. The weather was near perfect and the course was flat and fast. Ray Henderson took an early lead and cruised to an easy win with a time of 21.07, which is the exact same time that he had on the same course last week. Also just like last week Phillip Wedgeworth came in second and was the Masters winner. His time was 22.01, which was a little better than last week. Tom Smith, everyone's favorite former UPS guy, was the Grand Masters winner with 26.38. Jennifer Patterson was the first female with a time of 22.53. Angela Moore was the female Masters winner at 26.26, and Pan Nunes was the female Grand Masters at 27.48. Bo Henderson was the first under 19 male and Trey Hutto was second. Gabe Mercier was the first 20-29 male and Seth Thompson was second. Charlie Crawford was the 40-49 age winner. Chris Marengo was first and Jeff Beaty was second in the 50-59 age group. Jeri Singley was the under 19 female winner. Alison Clark, Sharon Thompson and Christie Moss were the winners in the 20-29 age group. In the 30-39 age, Kelly Ray, Devon Sellers, and Andrea Roberts were the winners. Rhonda Gilbert, Sonya Graves, and Michelle Thompson were the 40-49 age winners. Pam Sumrall and Becky Tew were the 50-59 age winners. This race was unusual in the fact that more females than males participated. After the race we had plenty of food, fruit, and drink. Much thanks to all of the Ellisville Rotary Club members who work hard to make this race successful.