"The Wall" 30K - New Orleans


From Ginny:

Well it seems Sunday, Jan. 30th, did not come with ideal racing conditions for many of us in the South.   It was not ideal for the Houston Marathon, and it was not ideal for The Wall 30k in New Orleans.  The temperature was ok (much colder would have been nice), but the humidity was out in typical Southern Style. READ MORE HERE

From Jen:

I was supposed to run the trails this Sunday, but the weather was looking real sketchy and then Ginny emailed to remind me about this 30K race on Sunday, so we made plans and went for it. It was more of a training run for both of us so I had no intentions of running it like a race. I am not sure I could have anyway, I have had some big mileage the past two weeks and no taper, so racing would have been very foolish. READ MORE HERE