Slow Poke 5K Run/Walk


The annual Slow Poke 5K Run/Walk and one-miler held in honor of Johnny Bradley was held in Philadelphia on Saturday, August 14. The weather was very hot and humid, and the course still had all of the hills that make this one of the most challenging courses in the state. The rain probably kept some people away, but we still had a very respectable group of runners and walkers. Luckily the rain came immediately before the race, stopped and resumed during the awards ceremony. John Kess had no problems with the heat and hills and cruised to the win with a 17.00. Norman Jenkins was the Masters winner. Mark Lipking, who also ran the night before in Meridian, was the Grand Masters winner. The is the 30+ race for Mark so far this year. For years I thought no one ran more races than I do, but Mark has dedicated himself to running at least 50 races a year for the last few years. The Pine Belt Pacers were well represented with Jennifer Henderson being the overall winner in the race walk. Rod Simmons was one second behind as the first male finisher. Ray Henderson won his age group, and son, Bo, ran well also and won his age group. I learned a valuable lesson that I should not try to race after eating way too much good food the night before and getting only two hours sleep, but I did manage second in my age group. After the race we had plenty of good food and drinks. Some people won good nice prizes, but as usual I did not win anything. Complete results are linked.