Run for the Roses


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The twenty-seventh annual Run For The Roses was held on April 10 in near perfect weather conditions. The Henderson family and I arrived in Prentiss at the "crack of dawn," which is extremely early. We helped set up for the race so Jennifer could earn Grand Prix points. If anyone ever wants to arrive early, almost any race can use the help and will appreciate getting help. I can't imagine how many times Jack and Jim have worked to make a race successful. At 8:00 we all lined up on Main Street and listened to a prayer, the National Anthem and the Pledge of Allegiance. Then Jack Ward gave us a few instructions and tried to fire the starting gun, which did not fire the first two times that he tried, but the third time was the charm and we were off and running. Chad Moore from Oak Grove took the early lead and never gave it up. Jeff Hathorne stayed with him for the first two miles, which is amazing if one considers the forty-five year age difference. Note the age grading in the results. Jeff was awarded first Jeff Davis County finisher and Grand Masters. Bryan Lagg got the Masters. Eighty-two year old George Blair was awarded the oldest runner award, which is something I hope to win in a few years. Amy Macon continued her winninng ways and took the first female award. Shanon Carson and Joan Fowler were the Masters and Grand Masters winners. Lance Cooper and Angel Wofford were the winners in the race walk. The Pine Belt Pacers were well represented at this race. Becky Ryder won her age group. Ash and Bo Henderson won their age groups, and Mom and Dad, Jennifer and Ray, both got second. Phillip Wedgeworth got second in his age group as well. Holly Ryder placed in his age group. Gary Thornton, Frank Barrett, Tony Buckley, Dennis and Renee Bisnette and several other Pacers, whom I can't remember, were present and ran well. The Run for the Roses is a great rose with a long tradition. After the race we enjoyed plenty of good food, good drink and good fellowship. I always enjoy talking with people before and after the race. Many of the runners and walkers tend to inspire me. I am most impressed with Collin Johnson who has lost 80 pounds and Lance Cooper who has lost 50 pounds. I also like to see the good mix of young and not so young runners. Some runner do crazy things. Mark Lipking and Bridgett Jolly both ran 60 races last year, and they are having a contest to see who can run the most races this year. Both of them ran three races on April 10--one in Prentiss and two in Jackson. The Run for the Roses is a good race with a fast course.