Reach The Beach


Twelve Mississippians traveled to New Hampshire to run the 200+ mile Reach the Beach Relay, which took place September 17-18--that is correct two days of running. Team Captian, Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann, along with Terrel Knight, Robert Sadler, David Mackbee, Kirk Nelson, Mack Varner, Carlos Prevost, Lamar Rutledge, Larry Singelton, Bobby Thompson, Jeff Wilson, and Laurel native and Pine Belt Pacer member Phillip Wedgeworth made the journey to New Hampshire for the run. The race started at the top of Cannon Mountain and ended at Hampton Beach. The Mississippi team is a team made up of 50+ ages and several 60+ people; however, we did better than many of the younger teams. The teams were given staggered starts based on estimated speed of the runners. The Misssissippi team started at 1:40 in the afternoon and finished 29 hours later Saturday night. It was a great experience with great guys. For Phillip Wedgeworth, the lack of sleep for two days was the hardest part.