Legal Beagle 5K

March 13, 2010

Results - Pictures 1 - Pictures2

The annual Legal Beagle 5K, sponsored by the Jackson Young Lawyers' Association, was held on March 13 with a very nice group of runners and walkers present. The sponsors ordered 700 shirts and ran out before every got registered. We lined up on Old Canton Road and waited for the signal to start. Jack Ward gave his usual directions, and we were off and running. The course if fairly flat and usually fast, but the 25 mph winds slowed some us down a bit. At least they slowed me down, and that is my excuse for being a minute slower than last week. Avery Ainsworth had little trouble finishing first at 17:08, and Jim George and Rob Oates were not far behind. Tim Irvine was the Masters winner. Mark Lipking and Carlos Prevost got the Grand Masters and Senior Masters. For the women Amy Macon was the winner followed by Christie Stricker and Lesley McLin. Shannon Carson was the Masters winner with Mary Lohrenz and Dian Anderson picking up the Grand Masters and Senior Masters. The Pine Belt Pacers were well represented at this event. The Henderson family continued to do well. Mom Jennifer and daughter Ashylyn both got first in their age groups. Dad Ray got second and Bo ran a good race also. Phillip Wedgeworth was second in his age group. After the race we had plenty of good food and drink. The big snack was a rather large cake with the race logo on it. In addition to cake, we had fruit, cookies, soft drinks, and plenty of good old water. One fun thing about this race is the large number of lawyer jokes. Since it is sponsored by lawyers, the lawyers know all of the good jokes. This is one of MTC's Grand Prix events, and it is definitely worth adding to every runner's schedule. Next Saturday is another MTC Grand Prix, and about 800 people are expected. Thanks to everyone who worked hard to put on this race.