Gimme Shelter 5k


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Age Group Winners

Information from Race Director Phillip Reynolds.

The inaugural “Gimme Shelter 5K” was a success thanks to so many runners and walkers who participated and the beautiful weather on Feb. 20. The skies were clear and temps were in the 30 early, but by race time had warmed up comfortably. Cool, but not hot; just right for a 5K. 102 runners and walkers registered and 91 finished. Chad Moore, a 17-year-old high schooler from Oak Grove jumped out front immediately and never looked back, winning in 17:19. Second overall and first female was Sheryl Chetfield in 19:42, the only other runner to break 20 minutes. Phillip Wedgeworth and Audrey Jackson took Masters honors, while Frank Barrett and Robbie Headrick won the Grandmasters. We even had a Great Grandmasters category for runners 65+. Matt Blanding and Becky Ryder were the Great Grandmasters winners.

There were some really good races to the finish for age group awards, but the closest contest was among the really fast guys in the 45-49 age group. Donnie Beets (20:43), Keith Barrett (21:16), and Don Mutchler (22:39) all ran well and finished 1-2-3 in their age group.

After the race everyone enjoyed bananas, oranges, and cookies provided by The Corner Market and plenty of Powerade, water and soft drinks donated by Coke. Overall winners received a new pair of shoes from Soccer Locker and City Runner, which also gave each first place age group winner a $10 store gift certificate. Second place age group winners received a $5 gift certificate to Javawerks. Third place and all award winners also received a medal.

The event raised over $1,000 for University Baptist Church's home building project in Matamoros, Mexico. Thanks to everyone who participated or volunteered to make this happen. Your money and your efforts are for a good cause. This event will help two homeless families in Matamoros to soon have a roof over their heads. Thank you!!!!

Race report from Robbie -

Though the day started out quite cold...28 degrees by my gauge at ended up a gorgeous warmer one!!! As we got ready to go to Hattiesburg to participate in the Gimme Shelter 5k, I tried to talk myself out of going because of the cold. I rarely run in cold weather and when it is, I wait until the warmer part of the day to do it. But when it is a race, you are locked in to the time. So I jumped in my running clothes (all 3 layers of 'em) and hesitantly headed to the truck shivering all the way. I knew once I got that far, there would be no turning back. And I knew that once I met up with fellow runners the cold would NOT be the main topic of conversation. The race was held at University Baptist Church where a fellow pacer, Bro. Phillip Reynolds, is pastor. The proceeds from the run went to benefit the homeless in a town in Mexico. Great reason to run, huh?

It seemed so long since we've gotten together for a race. The last one was January 1st for the Steam Whistle 12k, practically 8 weeks ago! I missed every one of my PBPers. When we pulled into the parking lot, I immediately saw Audrey. Now, don't get me wrong, she is a regular gal and neither the way she looked nor what she wore grabbed my attention...BUT her dancing around to keep warm with this huge smile drew me in. I could hardly wait to get with the group. Now, on to the pictures...

This first one I had to share. This was the youngest runner for the 5k!! That's right, I said 5k, 3.1 miles! This picture is not of a child running in a Fun Run. Isn't he just precious!! Look at how earnest he is with that little tongue out and in running mode! The way his little blonde hair is swirled around on top of his head looks like a little halo, don't it? Now....there's no excuse....get out and do SOMETHING!!

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