Ellisville Rotary Club 5K



The annual Ellisville Rotary Club 5K was held on October 30, a near perfect day for running with temperatures hovering around 40, no wind, and a very flat, fast course. A good group of runners showed up for the first cool race that I have been in this year. A few people even thought it was cold, but they warmed up fast. After a few instructions from race director, Wendy Allen, we were off and running. Steve Champine took the early lead and never was seriously challenged. Steve finished first with a time of 18:29. Neil Solomon was second and took the Masters at 19:16. Whitney Clark finished fifth overall and was the first female with a 21:14. Robbie Headrick was the female Masters winner with a 26:10. Phillip Wedgeworth was the male Grand Masters winner with a 21:18, and Donna Davis was the female Grand Masters with a time of 30:10. Brother and sister Bo and Ashlyn Henderson were the first male and female in the one-mile. Bryan Champine ran a PR to take first in his age group with a 20:20. Second was Cotton Williamson with a 24:04. In the 20-29 male age group Joseph Dobbs was first with a 23:13, Jereme Walters was second at 24:30, and Shannon Ishee was third with a 24:39. In the 30-39 male age group, Ray Henderson was first with a 20:32, Lindon Ratliff was second with a 22:01, and Stan Pickering was third with a 22:43. In the 40-49 male group, Kenneth Hall was first with a 24:15, Rod Armstrong was second at 25:09, and John Reid was third with a 25:59. In the 50-59 age group, Ray Martin was first at 22:06, Frank Barrett was second with a 25:56, and Ken Gunnufsen was third at 26:40. In the 60+ age group Tom Smith was first at 25:14, Kent Headrick was second at 30:28, and Gene Pickering was third at 34:40. Reagan Gavin was the first female in her age group with a time of 27:30. In the 30-39 age group for the females, Christal Smith was first with a time of 25:07, Jennefer Henderson was second at 28:08, and Tera Roberts was third at 30:13. For the 40-49 females, Deleica Clayton was first at 26:24, Serene Williamson was second at 26:48, and Renee Bisnette was third at 29:21. Renee tried to educate me today. She said that lawyers never lie; they just embellish the truth a bit. I am not sure that I am convinced. In the 50-59 age group females, Pamela Willmoree was first with a 32:08, and Charlotte Madison was second at 36:25. Since we only had two females over 50, I am guessing that either females don't often get to be 50+ or they don't show up and tell their ages. Complete results will follow when I get them. I want to thank the Rotary Club of Ellisville and the race director for working so hard to make this race successful, fun and enjoyable.