Bruin Burn 5K


From the Blog of Robbie Headrick:

Boy, was I hesitant to run in this race! I've run outside twice in two weeks because of the heat and that was always close to 7 a.m. Now I'm entering a "race" to begin at 8:00 AND the temps are suppose to be higher than all the days before. It was forecasted for 102 and 103 Sunday with heat indices reaching 110!! Am I crazy?? All I have to base my ability on are the runs I've been doing on the treadmill in nice cool temperatures watching TV with my iPod going and going and going.

Well, to begin with I had a knot in my stomach and felt like it was the first race I'd ever done. With MUCH mental coaching, I talked myself into focusing on the speed that was comfortable for me and to do the best I could do. Winning was not an issue for me this time. I was more concerned about the temperature and doing a pace that would keep me from overheating. So with much "prepping" behind, I lined up at the starting line. For some reason, I didn't get as close to the start as I usually do. I think it is because Kent didn't run with me this time. He has been preparing himself for racewalking and this was his first time to try it. The 5k Racewalkers were to have a minute's delay after the 5k runners were off. Personally, I think this is great because many times they will mix into the crowd of runners and cause delays until you can get pass them. So it was kinda like having two races going on at the same time but without interference from one another.

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