Bob Coleman Winter Run 10K



The annual Bob Coleman Winter Run 10K was held Saturday, February 6 with a good group of runners and walkers braving the very cool and windy conditions of the Natchez Tace. After a few instructions from Jack Ward, MTC race director, we were off and running. Chris Walker took the early lead and cruised to victory on the very flat course. Second place went to fifty-one year young Jim George, a man with two first names. Taking Masters honors was Jody Ogletree who finished fourth overall. Jody has lost over forty pounds in the last year and a half. I for one am impressed. Jennifer Cooper was the first female finisher. Shannon Carson was the female Masters winner, and MiHyang Faulks was the female Grand Masters winner. In the walk division Bennett Randman and Elizabeth Joyner were the winners. The Pine Belt Pacers were well represented at this race: Larry Sykes won the Senior Masters in the race walk; Phillip Wedgeworth got first in his age group; Ray and Jennifer Henderson got second in their age groups; and Frank Barrett and Eric Weil were present and ran well. Eric said something about a PR for this distance. After the race we enjoyed plenty of good food and drink. One advantage of cold weather races is that when the refreshments are outside, we don't need any ice to cool down the drinks. Two years ago at this race the two-liter soft drinks froze before we could get to them. If anyone wants a fast, flat course for a 10K, this is the race. Much thanks to Jack, Jim, and everyone who worked hard to make this race successful.