Jim Coll has volunteered to head up this project. He will put a box in his office and deliver the shirts to Jackson. Please take time to sort through your shirts and donate them to this worthy cause. Contact Jim Coll for more information. Last call for shirts is to be in Jim's hands by Monday January 12th.
Pacers,  Mona will send you the release on what this goes to in Germany.

We are collecting and would love to collect like 10 shirts per race and send them over in boxes when we have a sufficient shipment. The 172nd flies from Rankin county right to the base adjoining the hospital. So we can send them anytime we get enough. The Mississippi track club is also collecting.

Thanks so much for your help. All shirts are willingly accepted as long as they are new and they need to be large extra large or double xx. Hope to hear form you soon. Delbert Hoseman (Secretary of State)