You might be a runner if...

1. hearing the soundtrack to "Rocky" gives you goose bumps.

2. you wear a black, plastic sports watch with your dress clothes.

3. you can remember a time from a race 4 years ago, but you can't remember your friend's birthdays.

4. you are not embarrassed to show someone where your hamstring "really" hurts.

5. you know your resting heart rate, maximum heart rate, and exactly what your heart rate is at all parts of your run.

6. you wear your running shorts underneath your work clothes so that you can quickly get running after work.

7. you love shoes...running shoes.

8. you won't drive by any running store without a quick look inside.

9. you know exactly how far a kilometer is.

10. you have more old dirty shoes piled by the door than a farmer.

11. you've seen Chariots of Fire at least 5 times.

12. you read each month's issue of Runner's World cover to cover within 24 hours.

13. you get excited when you hear that there is a new Gatorade flavor.

14. you not only know how you did in a race, but you know exactly how every other runner finished.

15. you spend at least 25% of your income on running stuff.

16. you drive by a golf course and think what a nice place it would be to run.

17. you know splits are something that not only cheerleaders care about.

18. your friends know to never call you after 8:30 at night.

19. you get up earlier to run on the weekends than you do for school/work.

20. you think that the inventor of Powerbar should have his likeness engraved on Mount Rushmore.

21. you have hundreds of safety pins scattered around your house.

22. you have more T-shirts than a souvenir shop.

23. you would stand in line for Bill Rodgers autograph.

24. you know that there is no such thing as too much pasta!

25. you install hooks in your shower for wet running clothes.

26. you can't wait for your next birthday so you move into a new age group.

27. you check out the running stores for the new styles.

28. you know that cotton is not the best fabric for running!

29. someone asks you how your run was, you go into a 10 minutes description of every factor of it.

30. you can use endorphins in a sentence.

31. you could watch a whole marathon and not be bored.

32. you enjoy running in the rain.

33. you think of distances in terms of mile repeats.

thanks to Phillip Wedgeworth