NOTC Rep Skips Planned Summit Meeting!


           At the exposition the evening before the Mardi Gras marathon, Prince Chuck George, race director for the New Orleans Track Club paused reluctantly for a picture with club president Tony Mozingo.  The summit that was to take place later in the evening was aborted when George abruptly announced that he had duties to take care of and wouldn’t be available.

            “Tell Elmer I said, ‘Hi’”, was the only comment he made as he was whisked from the area by his handlers…

Please advise Prince George that I have not forgotten the welcome I received at Tad Gormley stadium when I reminded him on the eve of the 1999 MGM that it was indeed I who had written him a letter and called him complimenting him on his work as President. His only response to me was; "Oh, you're the lawyer. Man, it freaked me out when I got a letter and message from a lawyer in Mississippi. No offense, though, Huh?" As I have "laid in wait", as it were since then, further advise that I will be directing troops around the city this next weekend, bypassing the plains and swamps of Chalmette Plantation, past the Rodriguez Canal, (I doubt he knows where that is anyway), crossing near the slip at Algiers, and reentering the city from the west bank where I have reinforcements. No doubt we'll dine on pasta the evening before the battle and will look forward to word of a summit arranged by you, though you conveniently as usual start a fight and watch from higher, safer ground. Tell him that it would not be wise to again try an oblique move across my front like that late January day in 1814. The result will be even worse.
Yours truly,
President Tony "Ole' Hickory" Mozingo
P.S. I ain't never kilt no indians!

In a letter from their Executive Director, almost hidden by their gracious New Orleans charm and manners, the NOTC hints of retaliation for the dispersions cast on their club during a raucous visit to their recent Jackson Day race by several Pine Belt Pacers.  Tony Mozingo and his new sidekick, Antha Estridge, representing themselves as future high officials of the Pine Belt Pacers, reportedly stirred up old tensions (real and imagined) that had almost died down between the two clubs , and introduced several new ones, including territorial disputes, past Louisiana politics, problems with the pace car, etc. Showing a complete lack of the foreign relations skills required of a running club president, Tony even managed to personally insult the Southern Runner (a running store in New Orleans) President Mike, and the NOTC Executive director, Chuck George. The complete text of Mr. George's admirably restrained response is below.

Becky Ryder, Mississippi's RRCA representative, has reportedly cut short a long planned vacation to Big Bend, and is racing to Houston TX, to see if she can head off a similar diplomatic disaster when Tony and his crew show up for the Houston Compaq marathon next weekend. 

Tony as you know is at this point the only official candidate for club president, although several troubled factions are reportedly organizing alternate slates. They are confident they can get the one vote they need to upset him (Tony has publicly promised that he will not serve unless the vote is unanimous).  As their spokesman said recently "We need to elect someone who is more serious about running.  All Tony cares about is getting more new members, plus getting everyone to have a good time with their running, improve their race times, and have fun going to races. What kind of goals are those for a running club?" 

Keith Barrett is reportedly increasing security for the election meeting and has promised that RRCA protocol for club elections (campaign, elect, inaugurate) will be strictly enforced in spite of Tony's request to change it to: junket, inaugurate, elect, campaign. He also stated that no matter who is elected club President, the title will not be changed to District Attorney. He has not yet heard from either Jimmy Carter or Jesse Jackson as to whether or not they will be able to come help oversee the balloting, but Katherine Harris was already committed.

Enjoyed reading the report on the Jackson Day Race in the pacers website.

Perhaps we can arrange a meeting with Tony Mozingo, etc... in regards to the territorial rights. (an International Summit)
I'm thinking that we (NOTC) will take all territory purchased by the 1803 Louisiana Purchase and we'll give you Mississippi and throw in Berkley, California for laughs.
Maybe franchising would be a good idea.
*Please forward to Tony, Antha, etc and when/if you all get down this way, please introduce yourself(s) to me, I'd like to meet you all.

Chuck George
Executive Director, NOTC
Intelligence Agency

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