Pine Belt Pacers Meeting

Thursday, August 23, 2002



††††††††††† The Pine Belt Pacers met Thursday, August 23, 2002 to continue planning the October 12 Hubfest 5K State Championship Run.Eight members were present that included Tony Mozingo, Hollie Ryder, Becky Ryder, Vicki Copeland, Steve Urlery, Bradi Mixon, Keith Barrett, and Martha Ray Sartor.


††††††††††† Tony announced that he had received a letter from the RRCA requesting a donation to assist them financially in a challenging year.The club decided to send them $50.


††††††††††† Tony and Keith discussed their meeting with Ric Corts concerning REMAX sponsoring the October 12 5K Championship Run.REMAX will be the main sponsor as long as the run benefits the Susan G. Komen Foundation.Kentwood Water, possibly Coke and others will also serve as sponsors.Ric Corts will provide 15 or 20 REMAX employees to assist with the run.He will also advertise the run in a full-page ad in the Hattiesburg American.


††††††††††† The following reports were given:

  1. Brandi Mixion,chair of youth participation, reported that was working with Joey Pace at Aldersgate Mission to involve their youth.She said she got positive feedback.She reported there were too many obstacles to work through the schools.
  1. Vicki Copeland, chair of publicity, reported that she needed two people to be on the morning show on WDAM October 9.It was suggested Ric Corts and Keith Barrett appear.After some discussion it was decided Ric Corts and a female club member would be more appropriate.Martha Ray Sartor was asked and she said she would check her calendar and get back with them.
  1. Becky Ryder reported she had put the run date in the Clarion Ledger and other Running Club websites such as the Mississippi Track Club, Port City Pacers, New Orleans Track Club, etc.She also sent it to the Running Journal.Becky also has organized a walking class that begins September 12 and will continue four consecutive weeks. Becky also reported that Kim Ryder was working on an aerobic pre-race warm up and a post race massage.Tony suggested that Becky ask Kim to check on Pizza for the post race party.
  1. Keith Barrett, chair of registration, had talked with Russ at Coca Cola about donating Powerade.
  1. Martha Ray Sartor reported she would encourage 4-H groups to participate.She also acquired a media booklet that listed all media outlets in Mississippi.She gave Becky a copy and left one for her to share with Vicki.



The official name of the race was discussed.It was decided to call the event:

The Hubfest 5k Mississippi State Championship

5K Run/Walk

1 Mile Fun Run

Benefiting the Susan G. Komen Foundation


The t-shirt would have this official name along with the Remax logo, Kentwood Water and other sponsors.Because of their major sponsorship, Remax would be given a prominent location on the official race t-shirt.RRCA would also be printed on the shirt.


††††††††††† Becky and Keith will work on the t-shirt.Steve and Martha Ray will work on the brochure.Tony suggested a nice looking brochure such as a tri-fold.Steve will mail brochures to last yearís participants.


††††††††††† Numbers were discussed.It was decided for scoring purposes to give the walkers numbers.The runners would not have numbers.Tony appointed Brandi to get the numbers for the walkers.


††††††††††† Packets can be put together by club members several days before the race.Keith said they could probably be assembled at the bank.Keith said he could donate some items for the packets like pens, pads, etc.All members are encouraged to obtain items for the packets.


††††††††††† Prize money was discussed.It was decided $100 would be given to the fastest runner and the fastest person 40 years of age or older.No other money would be given.Trophies would be given in usual age group categories in the run.Only six awards would be given in the walk, top three female and top three male.If awards were discussed for the 1 mile fun run, this recorder cannot remember.


††††††††††† There was a discussion to have a follow-up meeting next week.If it comesto fruition, someone will email club members.


††††††††††† The meeting was adjourned at approximately 7:20 p.m.Five members and two guests continued their fellowship at Chiliís.