Steak night at Lau-Tori's
Dinner Meeting April 25th, 2002

Tony urges everyone to spread the word and recruit new members

Becky gets her next baby-sitting assignment from Kim (Tate is under the 
table in this picture), while Brandy again thanks god she's single.  

The Laurel runners were well represented with the Wedgeworths and Sims in attendance

Some bikers were there, including the svelte Nancy Munn

We had a very hard working waitress, here serving Mrs. Sims and Mrs. Wedgeworth 

The Millers and Barretts were there

Before we can really make progress, the Israelis have got to get out of the west bank.
(Believe it or not, the above shots were candid and not posed (journalism at it's best?).
The photo below of course speaks for itself.)

All guests got a free club t-shirt. Tony brought his mother in hopes
that certain members would refrain from their usual heckling.

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