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Good places to run in the USA

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$1.8 Million Spent to Preserve Vicki Copeland's old Home 

The club's new bumper sticker as selected by club members at the 3/15/05 meeting from options provided by award winning Graphic Designer of the Year Joni Dunbar. This will be included in membership packets mailed in the next month to members.

Runner driven to help storm victims finishes 51-race trek

Laurel set to apply for grant to fund city trail system, Hattiesburg American article 7/20/06

Prevent Injuries 

Khalid Khannouchi

Not Just a Running Club - Hattiesburg American June 23rd, 2006

Tony Mozingo and John Pendergrass go to the 2007 Tour De France

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Safety while running, especially for women

You're a Runner

What makes a person run

10 Reasons I Run

A kinder gentler race

Rants and Raves from Tony Mozingo


Dietary and Life Style Recommendations from a respected local doctor

Tony Gilbert, a locally famous runner while at USM, and member of the Hattiesburg Track Club, has written a collection of personal stories titled: Coincidental Encounters


Ultra Running

Trail running 


Drinking too much!

Nestor joins Half-to-Run

Arthur Lydiard Lecture.

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